Our Speaker on November 16th was Jason Karpf, Donor Relations Director and his associate Faith Ross from the Salvation Army Northern Division.  Since it was Bell Ringing Day for our Club at Cub Foods it was a great day to hear about the work of the Salvation Army (SA).  Jason thanked our Club for all the years of Bell Ringing and explained that we ring the bells each year because of the great need that exists because of poverty, hunger and homelessness.  The SA has been fighting poverty for 150 years with 60% of low income families struggle to pay their rent with 67million behind in their rent.  The SA was founded by William Booth in London to meet the human needs and reach out to those in need regardless of their faith, gender or nationality.  Today the SA serves some 30 million worldwide and a half-million in the Twin Cities.
Karpf  explained that the SA has three service areas: Food, Shelter and Care.  In terms of Food some ½ million are facing hunger daily and 174,000 are children.  Shelter is a tough area as 78,000 seek shelter each night with 10,000 being homeless and 1/3 of them are children.  To aid them 3 million meals are served to help care for them.  To help Care for them the SA has social workers that serve some 8 million in need each year.  
How can people help?  They can help by contributing to SA Food Shelfs that have seen a 900% with the pandemic.  Also Back to School back packs and supplies; Coats for Kids, Toys for the SA Toy Shop; and Bell Ringing.  Also individual and groups can donate by matching the Red Kettle proceeds (Excelsior Rotary donated $500), employer matching, and legacy gifts through wills and trusts.                                                          
During the Q&A we learned some important information.  The SA brings in $2,000,000 through their Red Kettle Campaign of Bell ringing for the SA.  SA Ringers are both volunteers and paid ringers.  The Administrative cost of the SA is about 20%.  The Salvation Army remains committed to its Christian roots with all officers being clergy but serves everyone in need regardless of the religion, race or creed.                                                                                                                                                                
Following the Club Meeting twelve Excelsior Rotary rang the bells for the Salvation Army at Cub foods in Shorewood serving for hour shifts.  Our volunteers were Dick Glover, Karen and Steve (on Trumpet) Frazier, Don Draayer, Ron Hughes, Linda Gustafson, Bob Boyer, John Ferm, Jim Hillis,  Tim Litfin, Kate Wilinski and Lou Graber.  Thank You for Ringing for the Salvation Army!
Thursday, December 2nd - STRIVE at 9:04 in Writing Lab at MHS
Tuesday, December 7th - Hospitality House with Rev. John Hunter
Tuesday, December 7th – Rotary Christmas Party at Lord Fletchers at 5:30PM
Tuesday, December 14th – Elder Voice Family Advocates with Kristine Sundberg
Thursday, December 16th – STRIVE at 10:09 in Writing Lab at MHS
Tuesday, January 4th – Rotary District Governor Marianna Khauv
Tuesday, January 18th – Kellie Murphy-Ringate - Excelsior Fire Marshal