Our Program:  Our program on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 was the STRIVE and MAD Student & Parent Luncheon and awarding of scholarships totaling $13,000!  The assembled gathering totaled 42 people including students, parents/relatives and Rotarians. 
After the greeting and Rotary warmup by Jim Cada, Dick Glover kicked of the program by explaining what STRIVE attempts to do and presented letters of recommendation to each STRIVE attendee.  This letter can be used for higher education, job applications and acts as a letter of acknowledgement they can use in the years to come.  As he gave out the letters he asked each student to introduce their parents and to make a comment about their parents.  Then it was on with the presenting of the five scholarships totaling $9,500. The recipients were called up to receiver their scholarship and tell where they would be doing their higher education in the fall.  The STRIVE recipients were:  Milla Gonzales - $3,000, Zoe Risacher - $2,000, Shawn Johnson $1,500, Ronan Abrahamson - $1,500, and Sadie Reyerson - $1,500.  Dick ended his portion of the program by thanking all the parents for the support of thses great kids and the STRIVE Program.
Jim Cada then explained how the MAD Scholarship Program works and how difficult it was for the Rotary Screening Committee to choose just two out of the 24 applicants.  He and the other four committee members amazed at the accomplishments, academic excellence and community involvement of these students.  The two scholarship winners of $2,000 each were Emma VanMeter and Fern Arreola.  Both winners introduced their family members and talked about their goals and the college they would be attending in the fall.
To end the program President Randy Schumacher and Don Draayer presented at Paul Harris Award for 16 years of dedication and support to Jackie Gleeman from the Minnetonka High School Office Staff.  Jackie took care of the paperwork for the STRIVE Program, attendance and final GPA of STRIVE Students leading to the scholarships awarded.  All in all it was an amazing program!